Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Cake's a Lie!

The onset of obsession starts with that insatiable desire to have more of whatever it is you desire; addiction being the sufficient term. It begins with that thirst, that lust if you will, that cannot be quenched. Next you begin to seek out any (and I stress any) other outlets to get just a tiny taste of that fruit. Finally, you push past your own laziness, and pursue your hunger by fulfilling it with your own devices, one's own creativity. Thus, fan art is born.

That said, this leads me up to my post. Yes, to fill that void that those genius men and women at the Valve Corporation have created, I have turned to fan arting Portal. And this is merely the calm before the storm. For I feel the ripple effect take hold of the artist within causing me to create more until I am able to grasp that sacred chalice known as Portal 2.

So, I guess I can sum all this up as "Thank you Valve for delivering a fantastic game."

Disclaimer: I know I'm super behind and just got around to playing Portal. Although, I'm partially glad because I did miss this meme being over used. But at the same time that is part of the experience, no? So, I'll continue to perpetuate it.

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Katie Green said...

Did you get Portal 2 yet?